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5 Steps to Know What Type of Lawn Mower is Right For Your Yard and How Much it Costs

Oct 26

With the arrival of warmer weather, it's best to prepare your lawn to be able to bask in the sun in a neat yard. Mowing grass is a difficult task. However, mowers are available that ease the task by offering convenient features. What features should you consider? With summer getting closer, now feels like an ideal time to get your lawn in good shape so you can relax and soak up the rays in a lush garden. Mowing the lawn is a job that can be exhausting physically. However, there are handy tools that make it much easy. You can read on to learn which lawnmowers in CT feature to check out. You can also head to our lawn mower reviews and review the mowers we've tested.


What is the top push mower on the market right now?

1. Lawnmowers that can be self-propelled

Heavy lawnmowers, such as those made of petrol, are more challenging to maintain. Self-propel features take the stress of driving your mower. More powerful wheels and frames could be beneficial. Be sure to verify the specs of a mower with self-propel before you buy, as the majority of features that self-propel are accessible and will move your mower ahead at a pace that may not work for you. If you're best off setting your own pace, opt for a mower with an adjustable self-propel feature. These mowers can be set to various speed settings so that you can select the one best suited to your needs. You'll be able to walk at a comfortable speed without needing to push. DLTC Equipment is a trusted power-equipment dealer in Connecticut. See our reviews of self-propelled lawnmowers, and learn the models we suggest.


2. Types and materials

The weight of your lawn mower could significantly affect how hard it is to move and lift. It'sessentialt to verify the material it's madeessentialu're looking for one that needs little strength. A general rule of thumb is that larger mowers weigh more metal than those with lighter weights. This is why gasoline mowers tend to be the heaviest due to their large engines. Mowers suited for large lawns tend to be heavier due to their wider frames and sharper cutting blades than mowers suitable for smaller lawns.


Types of lawnmowers determined by the weight


Electricity is a good option if you're looking for lightweight cordless mowers for sale. The drawback to electric mowers is that they are dragged behind, which could create the risk of injury and make them difficult to use. To get the best mix of ease of use and lightweight mobility, your best bet is to opt for the cordless mower. These mowers are generally less heavy than petrol ones since they don't have any metal parts. However, they don't include cables. To avoid any issues, it is essential to ensure that you purchase from a reliable power equipment dealer CT company that has good battery longevity. We've tested mowers with cordless motors that last for less than 10 minutes before the battery dies.


3. Features for easy-starting

A common issue for petrol lawn mower users is how much effort it is to pull the cord to begin the mower. Simply choosing a cordless or electric model may appear like an easy solution, but there are other options for those who do not want to sacrifice the strength of petrol. Certain petrol mowers come with a hook to secure the pull-cord handles. The cord can be pulled from a fixed location instead of lowering yourself and removing your cord from the engine. Other petrol mowers do away with pull cords and use the push button to start, similar to their electric and cordless counterparts. Mowers such as the Cobra MX515SPBI or the Cobra MX484SPCE are examples of petrol mowers equipped with push-button starts.


4. Transport handles

Although one person can carry most of the top lawnmowers suitable for small gardens, some mowers need to be lifted by two people. With obvious spots to hold onto, lawnmowers areruggedt and comfortable to transport since their weight is rarely evenly distributed across the machine. Make sure you look at the handles on carry handles on any mowers you're contemplating buying. A well-designed handle can make a difference in providing an accessible and solid place to carry your mower. Make sure you don't lift the mower using the handlebars because it could cause uneven weight distribution and may not be strong enough to support the full load of the mower. Also, ensure not to position your hands close to the bottom of the mower when you are lifting it.


5. Mulching

Another physically demanding aspect of lawn mowing is the occasional grass collector emptying. Getting to the compost pile for emptying the collectors could seem difficult once they arecompletel. Consider using a lawn mower with a mulching mode, a setting that cuts finely and then distributes grass on your lawn instead of collecting it. Mulching does away with the need for you to empty your grass collection and stops a gradual increase in weight as the collector is filled, allowing youto easily remove the collectory. Mulching is a technique intended for lawn maintenance, not a lawn makeover, since dumping excessive grass clippings onto your lawn may cause your healthy lawn to decay. For expert advice on maintaining your lawn's health, refer to our lawn care guidelines.


When you're looking for lawnmowers available for sale in CT, it is essential to consider one that will be able to handle the jobs you'll need to accomplish in your backyard. The engine size for a walk-behind mower usually ranges between 140 and 190 cubic centimeters. The size of the engine must be chosentoo perform tasks like cutting through grass that is thick, damp stolons, leaf-mowing and bagging among others.


There are numerous engine options available. These include side valve engines, overhead valve engines, and overhead valve engines. The general rule is that an overhead valve engine is quieter and consumes less fuel than a reciprocating engine, although it is more expensive.


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