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How To Train Your Dog With Flexibility and Discipline (Puppy Training in a Nutshell)

Nov 30

Puppy training is vital for a dog's socialization and obedience training. These guidelines guarantee that your dog is well-behaved, well-mannered, and well-socialized. This blog will give tips and information on training your puppy. The topics will range from crate-training your puppy to helping them socialize properly! Stay tuned and have fun with your puppy training!

You can train your puppy to use a crate.

Crate training can help your puppy to become safe and well-behaved. It is possible to gradually decrease crate training until your puppy is comfortable with it. You can also begin obedience training. Be sure to reward your puppy whenever they're calm and quiet in their crate. This will help reinforce good behavior. Be sure that the crate is a peaceful and quiet area where your puppy cannot get out and cause trouble for others or even you. Make sure the crate has enough space for your puppy to sit in, but not too big.


Do not crate them only at night or when you go away.

Dogs are prone to be confined and need the time to digest their meals and relax. Unfortunately, many puppies are only crated in the evening or when their parents leave them in their own homes. This may not provide the dog the necessary stimulation and could cause behavioral problems like barking, whining, or crying. It is crucial to allow your puppy to use their crates for all day. This will help them attain independence, which is the purpose of potty training. If you have questions or concerns regarding your puppy's crate behavior or overall health, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian or dog trainer.


Too too much energy for your puppy

Your puppy may be too energetic and have difficulty relaxing in their crate or while you're working with them. It could be because they are not getting sufficient enrichment activities or lack physical and mental stimulation. You can help your dog's energy level by ensuring he gets plenty of exercise inside and out. You can also make your pet happy by providing him lots of toys. This is an indication that he's well-behaved under your watchful eye.


How to stop your puppy from biting you

Puppy can be very cuddly and lively. As they age their mouths expand, and they will begin to nip. It's a normal thing for puppies. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent them from doing so. There are many methods to stop your puppy from nipping. Therefore, you must choose the most effective method for your dog and you.


The "Ouch!" technique technique

The "Ouch!" technique can be used to stop your dog from biting. technique. For this, you must make the abrupt "ouch!" When your puppy scratches or bites your fingers, let them go with an "ouch!" Stop moving your fingers immediately and wait for them before continuing to train again. You must repeat this technique each time your puppy is playing. However, they should take breaks regularly to avoid getting too tired. This ability must be mastered at an early age since puppies will often test it during their early stages of development. If you've learned it correctly at some point, it won't result in pain, and both your dog and you will reap the rewards!


Provide Chew Toys

The desire of puppies to chew is vital. It's the way they let off their excess energy. If you don't provide them with chew toys, Your puppy may bite and nip at people. A lot of toys can be stimulating to puppies. It is recommended to change toys regularly, so they are interested in different things. Your puppy should have toys that are sturdy enough to last for a long. Positive reinforcement will help teach your puppy how to chew without bites.


Contact Games: No Contact Games

You can stop your dog from chewing by playing games that aren't physically touching. It can be accomplished by games such as tugging, where you avoid using your hands as a chew toy. To help our dogs relax and let loose of the toy, we love to use the "Drop It" command. In doing this, we are training them that it's acceptable to let loose something they're holding and also help us teach proper behavior when it's not necessary or desirable!


Socializing your puppy

While raising a puppy is laborious, it's worth the effort when your puppy smiles. One of the most crucial things you can do to ensure a well-adjusted puppy is to encourage socialization from the moment he's born. It is essential to stay with this, as puppy behavior changes quickly when you're not on a solid foundation. And if you struggle to cope, consider enrolling them in our puppy classes in CT. They will provide the necessary tools and guidance to raise an obedient puppy.




Puppy training is a necessary procedure that allows your puppy to develop positive socialization skills. Positive training can help prevent any future problems with behavior. Training your dog to be obedient can be a viable option if you're having difficulty keeping up with your puppy. This program is suitable for dogs aged between 10-14 weeks. It's a two-week course that trains and boards dogs to teach them to sit, lay down, place and crate training, housebreaking, socialization, and dog leash training. There's no better location to take puppy training classes in CT than Clark's Companion Dog Training facility! Our dog training program is the most highly-rated and respected in CT. We are confident that your dog will love it!

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